Saturday, October 31, 2009

Writing Marathon

So, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I've been at it for many a year and I feel more prepared now than ever. Add to that the lack of a job after next week and you have a happy NaNoer if not a happy recent graduate who has bills to pay.

I'm going to start over with the NaNo novel I meant to write last year and only got 2000 words through. No, it's not cheating, I'm starting completely over. I have an outline, I have an idea of where it's going to go and I've got a freezer full of meat to reduce grocery shopping time to almost nil. That and a very near kebab van should help me sit down and write.

I'm gonna use NaNo for a whole lot of things,

1) it's fun
2) I need to get into a writing rhythm
3) Weight-loss: I'm too lazy to be getting up mid-paragraph to get more food :p
4) Money saveage: won't be eating out as much
5) I'll have something novel-like at the end that might be editable to usefulness. I'm much better at editing than writing :(

Also, if I don't keep writing before I work in publishing, I might never do it.


Jacques said...

One of my best friends back home does this every year as well. I'm in awe over the dedication it takes! Good Luck!!

Ellyn said...

Isn't everyone better at editing than writing? The first draft always sucks, whether you're Hemingway or a fan-fic writer. The difference between the two of those, I guess, is that in the latter case the first draft sucks more... ;) But suckiness is always edit-outable.

Here's to completing NaNo. *raises mug of coffee*